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Packages that use ExprHasName This package contains the definition of AST nodes. 

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Subclasses of ExprHasName in
 class ExprVar
          Immutable; represents a LET or QUANTIFICATION variable in the AST.
static class Sig.Field
          Mutable; represents a field.

Fields in with type parameters of type ExprHasName
 ConstList<? extends ExprHasName> Decl.names
          The list of names.

Methods in that return ExprHasName
static ExprHasName Decl.findDuplicateName(java.util.List<Decl> list)
          If the list of declaration contains a duplicate name, return one such duplicate name, else return null.
 ExprHasName Decl.get()
          Return the first variable in this declaration.

Constructor parameters in with type arguments of type ExprHasName
Decl(Pos isPrivate, Pos disjoint, Pos disjoint2, java.util.List<? extends ExprHasName> names, Expr expr)
          This constructs a declaration; the list of names must not be empty.