Class ExprCustom

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by

public abstract class ExprCustom
extends Expr

Immutable; represents a custom node.

Invariant: this.type==EMPTY && this.errors.size()==1

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
ambiguous, closingBracket, errors, mult, pos, weight
Constructor Summary
ExprCustom(Pos pos, Err error)
          Constructs an ExprCustom object.
Method Summary
 Expr resolve(Type t, java.util.Collection<ErrorWarning> warns)
          Resolves this expression if ambiguous.
 Pos span()
          Returns a Pos object representing the entire span of this Expr and all its subexpressions.
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Constructor Detail


public ExprCustom(Pos pos,
                  Err error)
Constructs an ExprCustom object.

pos - - the Pos for this expression (can be Pos.UNKNOWN if unknown)
error - - the error to display if this node does not get desugared
Method Detail


public Pos span()
Returns a Pos object representing the entire span of this Expr and all its subexpressions.

span in class Browsable


public Expr resolve(Type t,
                    java.util.Collection<ErrorWarning> warns)
Resolves this expression if ambiguous. (And if t.size()>0, it represents the set of tuples whose presence/absence is relevent to the parent expression) (Note: it's possible for t to be EMPTY, or even ambiguous!)

On success: the return value will be well-typed and unambiguous

On failure: the return value's "errors" list will be nonempty

If we detect any type warnings, we will add the type warnings to the "warnings" collection.

Specified by:
resolve in class Expr
warns - - the list that will receive any warning we generate; can be null if we wish to ignore warnings