Class Sig.SubsetSig

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Enclosing class:

public static final class Sig.SubsetSig
extends Sig

Mutable; reresents a subset signature.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class
Sig.Field, Sig.PrimSig, Sig.SubsetSig
Field Summary
 boolean exact
          If true, then this sig is EXACTLY equal to the union of its parents.
 ConstList<Sig> parents
          The list of Sig that it is a subset of; this list is never empty.
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attributes, builtin, decl, GHOST, isAbstract, isEnum, isLone, isMeta, isOne, isPrivate, isSome, isSubset, isSubsig, label, NONE, SEQIDX, SIGINT, STRING, UNIV
Fields inherited from class
ambiguous, closingBracket, errors, mult, pos, weight
Constructor Summary
Sig.SubsetSig(java.lang.String label, java.util.Collection<Sig> parents, Attr... attributes)
          Constructs a subset sig.
Method Summary
 boolean isSameOrDescendentOf(Sig that)
          Returns true iff "this is equal or subtype of that"
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Field Detail


public final ConstList<Sig> parents
The list of Sig that it is a subset of; this list is never empty.


public final boolean exact
If true, then this sig is EXACTLY equal to the union of its parents.

Constructor Detail


public Sig.SubsetSig(java.lang.String label,
                     java.util.Collection<Sig> parents,
                     Attr... attributes)
              throws Err
Constructs a subset sig.

label - - the name of this sig (it does not need to be unique)
parents - - the list of parents (if this list is null or empty, we assume the caller means UNIV)
attributes - - the list of optional attributes such as EXACT, SUBSET, LONE, ONE, SOME, PRIVATE, or META
ErrorSyntax - if the signature has two or more multiplicities
ErrorType - if parents only contains NONE
Method Detail


public boolean isSameOrDescendentOf(Sig that)
Returns true iff "this is equal or subtype of that"

Specified by:
isSameOrDescendentOf in class Sig