Uses of Interface

Packages that use Module This package contains the definition of AST nodes. This package contains the compiler This package contains a pure-Java evaluator/simulator for Alloy4 instances. 

Uses of Module in

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Module
 SafeList<? extends Module> Module.getAllReachableModules()
          Return the list containing THIS MODULE and all modules reachable from this module.

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Classes in that implement Module
 class CompModule
          Mutable; this class represents an Alloy module; equals() uses object identity.

Methods in with parameters of type Module
static Expr CompUtil.parseOneExpression_fromString(Module world, java.lang.String input)
          Parses then typecheck the given input String as an Alloy expression from that world

Uses of Module in

Fields in declared as Module
 Module SimInstance.root
          The root module associated with this instance.

Methods in with parameters of type Module
static SimInstance root, java.lang.String filename, java.util.List<ExprVar> vars)
          Construct a new simulation context by reading the given file.
 java.lang.String SimInstance.validate(Module world)
          Checks whether this instance satisfies every fact defined in the given model.

Constructors in with parameters of type Module
SimInstance(Module root, int bitwidth, int maxseq)
          Construct a new simulation context with the given bitwidth and the given maximum sequence length.