Uses of Interface

Packages that use SymbolFactory This package contains the compiler 

Uses of SymbolFactory in

Constructors in with parameters of type SymbolFactory
CompParser(Scanner s, SymbolFactory sf)
          Constructor which sets the default scanner.

Uses of SymbolFactory in java_cup.runtime

Classes in java_cup.runtime that implement SymbolFactory
 class DefaultSymbolFactory
          Default Implementation for SymbolFactory, creates plain old Symbols

Fields in java_cup.runtime declared as SymbolFactory
 SymbolFactory lr_parser.symbolFactory

Methods in java_cup.runtime that return SymbolFactory
 SymbolFactory lr_parser.getSymbolFactory()
          Whenever creation of a new Symbol is necessary, one should use this factory.

Constructors in java_cup.runtime with parameters of type SymbolFactory
lr_parser(Scanner s, SymbolFactory symfac)
          Constructor that sets the default scanner and a SymbolFactory