Papers describing analysis of various languages by translation into Alloy, taken from first 400 results of query to Google scholar for papers that cite Alloy.

Modeling Languages


UML2Alloy: A challenging model transformation K Anastasakis, B Bordbar, G Georg… - Model Driven Engineering …, 2007 - Springer
From UML to Alloy and back again S Shah, K Anastasakis… - Models in Software Engineering, 2010 - Springer
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Business process modeling and formal verification M Wu - Journal of Zhejiang University. Engineering Science, 2011 -
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Verification of i* Models Using Alloy PO Ating’a… - Information Systems Development, 2011 - Springer
Using i* to Model Access Policies: Relating Actors to Their Organizational Context R Crook, D Ince… - Social Modeling for …, 2011 -


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Secrecy UML method for model transformations W Hassan, N Slimani, K Adi… - 2nd International Conference …, 2010 -

Formal Specification Languages


Model checking event-b by encoding into alloy PJ Matos… - Arxiv preprint arXiv:0805.3256, 2008 -

Graph Transformation Languages

On the use of Alloy to analyze graph transformation systems L Baresi… - Graph Transformations, 2006 - Springer

Tabular Specs

Describing and Analyzing Behaviours over Tabular Specifications Using (Dyn) Alloy N Aguirre, M Frias, M Moscato, T Maibaum… - … Approaches to Software …, 2009 - Springer


Translating Z to Alloy P Malik, L Groves… - Abstract State Machines, Alloy, B and Z, 2010 - Springer


An aspect-oriented methodology for designing secure applications G Georg, I Ray, K Anastasakis, B Bordbar… - Information and software …, 2009 - Elsevier
Formalization of QVT-Relations: OCL-based static semantics and Alloy-based validation M Garcia - Proceedings of the Second Workshop on MDSD …, 2008 -
Extensive validation of OCL models by integrating SAT solving into USE M Kuhlmann, L Hamann… - Objects, Models, Components, …, 2011 - Springer
Executing Underspecified OCL Operation Contracts with a SAT Solver MP Krieger… - Electronic Communications of the …, 2008 -
A model-prover for constrained dynamic conversations D Cacciagrano, F Corradini, R Culmone… - Proceedings of the 10th …, 2008 -
Using Model Driven Engineering to Reliably Automate the Measurement of Object-Oriented Software JA McQuillan - 2011 -

Theorem Proving Languages


Automating algebraic specifications of non-freely generated data types A Dunets, G Schellhorn… - Automated Technology for Verification …, 2008 - Springer
Automated Flaw Detection in Algebraic Specifications A Dunets, G Schellhorn… - Journal of Automated Reasoning, 2010 - Springer


Pythia: Automatic generation of counterexamples for ACL2 using Alloy A Spiridinov… - … of the 7th International Workshop on the …, 2007 -


Nitpick: A Counterexample Generator for Isabelle/HOL Based on the Relational Model Finder Kodkod (System Description) JC Blanchette - 2010 -

Architectural Languages


Verification of replication architectures in AADL D de Niz… - Engineering of Complex Computer …, 2009 -

Ontology Languages


Reasoning support for Semantic Web ontology family languages using Alloy HH Wang, JS Dong, J Sun… - Multiagent and Grid Systems, 2006 - IOS Press


Non-standard Reasoning Services for the Verification of DAML+OIL Ontologies Y Song, R Chen - IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, 2010

Description Logics

Model Generation in Description Logics: What Can We Learn From Software Engineering M Garcia, A Kaplunova, R Moller - 2007