This page lists a selection of research theses where Alloy plays a central role. If you would like us to add your thesis, please contact

Synthesis from Formal Partial Abstractions. Hamid Bagheri, PhD thesis, University of Virginia, 2013.
Generation of Policy-Rich Websites from Declarative Models. Felix Sheng-Ho Chang, PhD thesis, MIT, 2009.
A Relational Framework for Bounded Program Verification. Greg Dennis, PhD thesis, MIT, 2009.
Software Verification using Alloy. Juan Pablo Galeotti, PhD thesis, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2010.
Modeling and Analyzing Web Protocols for Trust and Secrecy. Apurva Kumar, PhD thesis, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, 2012.
Generating Structurally Complex Tests from Declarative Constraints. Sarfraz Khurshid, PhD thesis, MIT, 2003.
Improvements to Interactive Theorem Proving of Alloy Properties using SAT-Solving. Mariano Miguel Moscato, PhD thesis, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2013.
An Imperative Extension to Alloy and a Compiler for its Execution. Joseph Near, Masters thesis, MIT, 2010.
First-Order Models for Configuration Analysis. Tim Nelson, PhD thesis, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2013.
Declarative Symbolic Pure-Logic Model Checking. Ilya A. Shlyakhter, PhD thesis, MIT, 2005.
A Constraint Solver for Software Engineering: Finding Models and Cores of Large Relational Specifications. Emina Torlak, PhD thesis, MIT, 2009.
Subtyping in Alloy. Emina Torlak, Masters thesis, MIT, 2009.
Finding Bugs in Software with a Constraint Solver. Mandana Vaziri-Farahani, PhD thesis, MIT, 2003.