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Packages that use Attr This package contains the definition of AST nodes. 

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Fields in declared as Attr
static Attr Attr.ABSTRACT
          ABSTRACT; if a PrimSig is abstract, it is equal to the union of its subsigs.
static Attr Attr.BUILTIN
          BUILTIN; every builtin Sig has the BUILTIN attribute, and every non-builtin Sig does not.
static Attr Attr.ENUM
          ENUM; if a PrimSig has the ENUM attribute, it is toplevel and abstract and has only singleton children.
static Attr Attr.EXACT
          EXACT; if a SubsetSig is exact, it is equal to the union of its parents.
static Attr Attr.LONE
          LONE; if a Sig is lone, it has at most one atom.
static Attr Attr.META
          META; if a Sig has the META attribute, it means it is a META atom corresponding to some real signature or field.
static Attr Attr.ONE
          ONE; if a Sig is one, it has exactly one atom.
static Attr Attr.PRIVATE
          PRIVATE; if a Sig has the PRIVATE attribute, it means its label is private within the same module.
static Attr Attr.SOME
          SOME; if a Sig is some, it has at least one atom.
static Attr Attr.SUBSET
          SUBSET; every SubsetSig has the SUBSET attribute set, and the SUBSIG attribute unset.
static Attr Attr.SUBSIG
          SUBSIG; every PrimSig (including the builtin sigs) has the SUBSIG attribute set, and the SUBSET attribute unset.

Fields in with type parameters of type Attr
 ConstList<Attr> Sig.attributes
          Store the list of attributes.

Methods in that return Attr
 Attr Attr.AttrType.make(Pos pos)
          Construct an attribute of this type with this position; if pos==null, it is treated as Pos.UNKNOWN.
 Attr Attr.AttrType.makenull(Pos pos)
          Construct an attribute of this type with this position; if pos==null, this method returns null.

Methods in with parameters of type Attr
 Pos Attr.AttrType.find(Attr... attributes)
          Returns the combined position for all Attribute of this type in the given array; null entries in the collection are ignored; if none are found we return null.

Constructors in with parameters of type Attr
Sig.PrimSig(java.lang.String label, Attr... attributes)
          Constructs a toplevel non-builtin sig.
Sig.PrimSig(java.lang.String label, Sig.PrimSig parent, Attr... attributes)
          Constructs a non-builtin sig.
Sig.SubsetSig(java.lang.String label, java.util.Collection<Sig> parents, Attr... attributes)
          Constructs a subset sig.