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Packages that use AlloyElement This package displays Alloy4 instances. 

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Subclasses of AlloyElement in
 class AlloyNodeElement
          Immutable; it's the abstract superclass extended by both AlloyType and AlloySet.
 class AlloyRelation
          Immutable; represents an Alloy relation of 2 or higher arity.
 class AlloySet
          Immutable; represents an Alloy set in an instance.
 class AlloyType
          Immutable; represents an Alloy toplevel signature or an Alloy subsignature.

Methods in with parameters of type AlloyElement
 int AlloyType.compareTo(AlloyElement other)
          When comparing two AlloyType objects, we compare their names.
 int AlloyRelation.compareTo(AlloyElement other)
          When comparing two AlloyRelation objects, we first compare the name, then the arity, then the types.
 int AlloySet.compareTo(AlloyElement other)
          When comparing two AlloySet objects, we first compare their names, then their types.
 int VizState.MInt.get(AlloyElement x)
 java.lang.String VizState.MString.get(AlloyElement x)
 T VizState.MMap.get(AlloyElement obj)
 void VizState.MInt.put(AlloyElement x, java.lang.Integer v)
 void VizState.MString.put(AlloyElement x, java.lang.String v)
 void VizState.MMap.put(AlloyElement obj, T value)
          Set the value for the given object; can be "null" to mean "inherit"
 T VizState.MMap.resolve(AlloyElement obj)