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Packages that use AlloyTuple This package displays Alloy4 instances. 

Uses of AlloyTuple in

Methods in that return AlloyTuple
 AlloyTuple AlloyTuple.reverse()
          Returns a new AlloyTuple whose list of atoms is the same but in reverse.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type AlloyTuple
 java.util.Set<AlloyTuple> AlloyInstance.relation2tuples(AlloyRelation rel)
          Returns an unmodifiable sorted set of AlloyTuple(s) in this relation; answer can be an empty set.

Methods in with parameters of type AlloyTuple
 int AlloyTuple.compareTo(AlloyTuple that)
          Two tuples are first compared based on length; if the length is the same, we compare atom-by-atom.

Constructor parameters in with type arguments of type AlloyTuple
AlloyInstance(A4Solution originalA4, java.lang.String filename, java.lang.String commandname, AlloyModel model, java.util.Map<AlloyAtom,java.util.Set<AlloySet>> atom2sets, java.util.Map<AlloyRelation,java.util.Set<AlloyTuple>> rel2tuples, boolean isMetamodel)
          Create a new instance.