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Packages that use VizState This package displays Alloy4 instances. 

Uses of VizState in

Methods in that return VizState
 VizState VizGUI.getVizState()
          Returns the current visualization settings (and you can call getOriginalInstance() on it to get the current instance).

Methods in with parameters of type VizState
 java.lang.String AlloyAtom.getVizName(VizState theme, boolean numberAtoms)
          Return a label for this atom as recommended by a theme (theme can be null if there's no theme to consult).
static javax.swing.JPanel StaticGraphMaker.produceGraph(AlloyInstance instance, VizState view, AlloyProjection proj)
          Produces a single Graph from the given Instance and View and choice of Projection
static void StaticThemeReaderWriter.readAlloy(java.lang.String filename, VizState theme)
          Read the XML file and merge its settings into an existing VizState object.
static void StaticThemeReaderWriter.writeAlloy(java.lang.String filename, VizState theme)
          Write the VizState's customizations into a new file (which will be overwritten if it exists).

Constructors in with parameters of type VizState
VizCustomizationPanel(javax.swing.JSplitPane divider, VizState vizState)
          Constructs a customization panel.
VizGraphPanel(VizState vizState, boolean seeDot)
          Create a splitpane showing the graph on top, as well as projection comboboxes on the bottom.
VizState(VizState old)
          Make a copy of an existing VizState object.